Workshop 3 morning

Our third workshop was held on 27th June and was hosted at Cambridge Regional College. It was a whole day event and attracted 28 participants from a range of providers including several members from colleges outside the region such as Boston, Nottingham, Lincoln and Newham. The aims of the workshop were to –

  • support providers in sharing their skills and expertise in using technology
  • explore the use of two tools, Canva and Thinglink to create blended learning resources
  • introduce members to some of the key features of Microsoft Office 365
  • review ways in which Network members can continue to share ideas, weblinks and resources

As there were several members attending for the first time, Bob Read, the ETF Regional Specialist Lead for English, began the morning session by reviewing the purpose of the Professional Exchange Network, highlighting how it provides opportunities for members to develop some of the skills, knowledge and attitudes within the ETF Professional Standards. Bob then summarised some of excellent new digital resources practitioners had created and shared since the last workshop via the new Edmodo group. These included –

  • Letters of Note – a website containing a wide range of thought provoking letters, notes, cards and personal messages from different centuries
  • Common.lit – a website that offers a wide range of reading material covering different genres that would be useful for GCSE English programmes
  • an example of an excellent multimedia resources about Miss Havisham created using Thinglink
  • a Padlet board featuring a range of short stories and novels recommended by tutors as potential reading material for GCSE English learners on different vocational courses

Bob then invited the group to split into small groups to discuss any tools or websites that they have found useful this term. To facilitate a sharing of ideas online Bob had provided a link to a Padlet board that prompted members to organise their ideas under three headings: tools; websites; new areas to explore –

Padlet - June event

For second half of the morning five members had offered to run ‘show and tell’ sessions that explored a range of tools including Trello, Go Conqr, Edpuzzle, Screencastomatic and Kahoot. These improvised workshop sessions worked really well and numerous comments on evaluation forms indicated that members really valued the time and support to sit around a laptop and share their skills and experience. Many thanks to all those who so willingly offered to run the sessions at short notice!