Workshop 4 – afternoon

In the afternoon session members took part in a fascinating discussion about the different ways in which they are using video clips in English teaching – click here for the Padlet board that was used.



Links to several humorous clips were recommended as engaging starting points for discussion. Katie talked about her use of Dvolver Moviemaker to create cartoon sequences with animated cartoon characters and shared an example with us. Dawn gave us a glimpse of her work in exploring the use of ‘green screen’ technology and we hope she will be able to talk more about this at the network meeting. Georgina and Lisette both agreed that we ought to start building a bank of videos that would be more appropriate for use in an ethnically and culturally diverse learner groups. And as a result Lisette set up a Pinterest board soon after the event!

At the end of the afternoon Bob used some Powerpoint slides to lead a discussion about the different web-based resources, YouTube channels, Twitter groups and blogs that teachers –

In exploring ways in which members can continue to share ideas and resources between our network sessions, it was suggested that ACER could explore the possibility of offering some one hour webinars.Bob agreed to circulate a questionnaire to gain information about the preferences in terms of timing and content. He confirmed that the next face to face meeting is planned for Tuesday March 14th at the ACER offices in St Ives but in the meantime Bob encouraged everyone to stay in touch through the Edmodo group.