Work based learning

The East Midlands Work-based Learning network is managed by emfec

The Professional Exchange initiative hopes to develop a culture of wider sharing of practice and activity so that teaching, learning and assessment practitioners can learn from each other and will be:

  • for tutors/assessor staff in work-based learning settings and will support development of a range of skills, pedagogic practice and technical ability
  • focused on local needs, particularly the needs of Professional Exchange members, as well as delivering national priority work, for example STEM subjects
  • a forum for professional dialogue and sharing good practice that is effective, relevant and accessible
  • an opportunity to build workforce capacity, developing cross-cutting CPD ensuring diverse engagement and maximum accessibility
  • run by professionals for professionals, raising aspiration and motivation amongst professionals and ultimately learners



  • a positive contribution to quality and better outcomes for learners, through self-development and training activity being focused on key issues, challenges and opportunities facing their staff
  • a low cost, high value method for investing in their people and their Professional Development, which demonstrates their organisations’ commitment to their people and to quality
  • an enhanced reputation with key sector stakeholders, including Ofsted, through recognition of commitment to driving quality and professional standards within their organisation
  • recognition of demonstrating strong partnership working, through supporting the development and well-being of the wider sector
  • access to knowledge, skills and resources from other organisations and key sector experts

Many of the recent changes, challenges and opportunities within the sector, have meant that it has become increasingly challenging for organisations to manage the diverse professional development needs of their staff.  Therefore, whilst the Professional Exchange is tutor-led and focused on improving professional practice, all of the activity will be firmly grounded in current policy and market changes, to ensure that it also appropriately supports member organisations in:

  • Area Based Reviews
  • Apprenticeship Reforms/Levy
  • reducing/re-focused budgets and an increased emphasis on ‘economic impact’
  • changes to English and maths requirements
  • Study Programmes and Traineeships


  • professional development opportunities that are designed, developed and delivered based on individual and local needs
  • being able to demonstrate their commitment to their own professional standards and development, which will support career progression
  • recognition from the Education and Training Foundation, their peers and their own organisation for their contribution to raising standards of practice in the sector
  • access to the latest thinking and practice
  • networking, support and sharing opportunities with peers
  • access to high quality, shared materials and resources

Rapid changes within the sector mean that teaching staff are being presented with a raft of new challenges.  Whilst the pace of change can be daunting, change often brings about new opportunities too.

The Professional Exchange will seek to strike the right balance of supporting members to manage the changes and challenges, whilst exploring new ideas and approaches to delivering excellence in professional practice.